SI Analytics – Because Analytics is our Strength


SI Analytics is a worldwide acting brand of XYLEM Inc., USA, located in Mainz.

SI Analytics delivers a wide range of laboratory measuring instruments and electrodes for many different applications. These include beside glass products such as viscometers and electrodes for countless laboratory needs, titrators, viscometry measuring systems, laboratory hotplates and stirrers, holders and photometers.

SI Analytics produces for more than 75 years laboratory instruments and is represented in laboratories worldwide with many brand names as SCHOTT® Instruments, TitroLine®, TITRONIC®  or AVS®. The development and production of our analyzing instruments, electrodes, viscometers and viscometry systems with high demands on innovation and quality is still located in Mainz.

Arisen from the history of the SCHOTT AG with producing capillary viscometers and electrodes’, SI Analytics developed the glass electrode in 1937 and paved the way for the success of the electrochemical measurement in general.




SI AnalyticsSI Analytics