Memosens: Simple. Waterproof. Cost-efficient.

Liquid analysis places massive demands on the sensor and on the transmission of the measured value from the sensor to the transmitter. In addition, when it comes to pH measurement, low measuring signals and very high sensor internal resistances require a high-impedance connection to the transmitter. That is why the presence of moisture in conventional, analog connector systems with contacts resulted in the measured value being altered or even caused the complete failure of the measurement.

For Memosens sensors, this is no longer an issue. Put it out of your mind. Memosens technology is revolutionizing measurement safety by digitalizing the measured value in the sensor and sending it to the transmitter via a non-contact connection. Familiar problems caused by conventional connector systems are now a thing of the past. Memosens represents a technological leap resulting in a new generation of sensors. It boasts additional benefits while also eliminating the basic limitations of previous technologies.

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