The connector system that's absolutely safe. For pH measurement and other parameters.

pH, ORP, conductivity and oxygen – Memosens sensors are available for these parameters. What's special about Memosens? The measuring signals are digitalized and transferred inductively i.e. via a non-contact connection. That's how easy it is to cause a radical improvement in measuring point reliability and availability. Memosens features complete galvanic isolation and is fully waterproof and resistant to environmental influences. Other sensors seem pretty old by comparison. Memosens – the safe industry standard.

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Easy handling for sensor replacement and sensor calibration

Simple. Waterproof. Cost-efficient.


Liquid analysis places massive demands on the sensor and on the transmission of the measured value from the sensor to the transmitter. In addition, when it comes to pH measurement, low measuring signals and very high sensor internal resistances require a high-impedance connection to the transmitter. That is why the presence of moisture in conventional, analog connector systems with contacts resulted in the measured value being altered or even caused the complete failure of the measurement.  
For Memosens sensors, this is no longer an issue. Put it out of your mind. Memosens technology is revolutionizing measurement safety by digitalizing the measured value in the sensor and sending it to the transmitter via a non-contact connection. Familiar problems caused by conventional connector systems are now a thing of the past. Memosens represents a technological leap resulting in a new generation of sensors. It boasts additional benefits while also eliminating the basic limitations of previous technologies.

Digitized signals are transmitted without a contacting connection

The first connection
that you can truly rely on.

Advantages at a glance

The mechanically safe, non-contact connection between the sensor and the cable enables the technology to function safely, even under water. As all sensor-related data are stored directly in the sensor head, it is possible to perform predictive maintenance. This has been proven to reduce maintenance costs significantly and to increase sensor operating time. At the same time, process safety is increased and system downtime reduced to a minimum. And as if that wasn't enough, Memosens saves hard cash when it comes to capital costs.

Non-contact, digital measured value transmission

  • Connector is essentially corrosion-free
  • A coupling system that can even be connected under water
  • No leaks, measured value distortion (due to moisture) or corrosion (salt bridges)

EMC safety guaranteed

  • Perfect galvanic isolation of medium and transmitter
  • Independent of "symmetrically high-resistance“, "asymmetrical“ or impedance converter

Easy calibration in a laboratory

  • Easy replacement of sensor with calibrated sensors
  • No inaccurate field calibrations due to poor weather conditions
  • Up to 40% longer service life of sensor thanks to regular regeneration

Top-quality data management

  • Documentation of complete life cycle
  • Traceability of calibration history
  • Recording of sensor load data (total operating hours, operating hours under extreme process conditions, etc.)
  • Export of data to MS Excel®, html

No more incorrect measured values

  • Active display of disruptions to the connection between sensor and transmitter
  • Hermetically sealed sensor plug-in head is overpressure safe and submersible

Memory included

  • Predictive maintenance possible thanks to storage of calibration and operating data
  • Easy sensor replacement reduces process downtime
  • Automatic sensor recognition

A de facto standard in process analysis

The innovative Memosens systems provide the ideal solution for safety and ease of use in analytical measurement technology. Teamed with all widely used fieldbuses, Memosens systems are of course open for all process control and asset management systems. Users have the option of purchasing Memosens-compatible components from independently acting providers and of combining them in whatever way they want. And with over a million Memosens sensors in operation (a number that is growing daily), the word is that they have already become a de facto standard in process analysis, and one which we are continuing to develop.

Memosens has many benefits to offer the user. It is therefore no wonder that other manufacturers of analytical measurement technology are interested in using Memosens technology. No problem. We are happy to provide you with further information on our cooperation and licensing agreements. We look forward to hearing from you.


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